Emerging Technologies in E-Learning Comments (Demo)

This article was a pretty good synopsis of many of the tools that are currently being used to accentuate Learning 2.0 and the scope was a bit breathtaking. How great that one of S.F. State’s own was a contributor.

The forward looking aspects of the article, I found particularly exciting: using one’s imagination to foresee how some of these new technologies can be used awakens the Star Trek nerd in me.

Of special interest was the idea of the “longtail“. Let me see if I can summarize: by increasing the resources (material, knowledge, tools) in the digital world, a more specific audience can be reached that may have been marginalized before. Examples included the disabled, ESL, and gifted students.

I think in our own way, we are all a bit marginalized by mainstream media, entertainment, learning or whatever information we consume. I generally have to sort through multiple resources, skipping things I don’t find relevant to meet my specific needs. Which I’m sure are different than yours. Finding the information you want, when you want it, in an easy way is an exciting vision for the future of learning technology.

Unfortunately, right now I often feel inundated with too much information and the more I try seek out useful stuff, the more I feel washed away. These challenges were also mentioned in the article and I’d look forward to exploring some of the filter, gatekeepers, or learning tools that can help me manage the wild-west feel I get sometimes searching the web.

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Whew…. ya, too much information. Too much new new new. Do I really need a Twitter and Facebook and Buzz and Gmail and Hotmail and my work email. It's not so much too much information, it's too much EVERYTHING.

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