Project and Class 7 Reflection (Demo)

Am I lazy for combining my project idea and previous class reflection into one post? Maybe- but who the heck cares.

Class Reflection

First, while I can still remember I wanted to add my 2 cents about last week’s class. Isn’t it funny that despite such great presentations on screen captures/recording virtual meetings, globalization and Daniel Pink’s meaning; the thing that stands out in my mind is grading?

So i don’t want to spend this blog posting my notes from class but rather just give a quick tie in to connectivism. Despite Ethan not being able to discuss the concepts of connectivism, I couldn’t help but think of last weeks’ class during the reading. By design? Ethan has left this class in many ways to find it’s way through emerging technology. Our assignments lack concrete structure or criteria and policy. Rather much of what we get out this class is based on what students put it in.

I’m not saying that those in class who want more concrete structure are wrong, or aren’t getting the point. I understand their concerns and feel their needs should be addressed-which I assume Ethan did at the end of class. — I’m curious how.

I hash through all this again, simply because I think it exemplifies a big challenge with constructivist learning methods, like connectivism. At what point, as instructors do we step in and at what points do we allow students to have freedom? Should we worry if students, parents, employees think we’re being lazy by not providing more lecture material, rubrics, structure? How do address these concerns?

Just some food for thought.

And now, finally… the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

The Final Project Proposal

I’m working on a project with Intrax to develop an on-line learning tutorial for American host families planning to take in foreign young people to their homes. These families come from varied geographical , ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. While much emphasis has been place on the formal , Flash -based tutorial to help educate families, I feel a collaborative network could also help provide meaning to their experience. My inspiration comes from a Ning website I found for the Global Education Collaborative

This is a project I already have some background with since I am building the tutorial but I will also need to conduct a needs analysis before going into the specifics of what will be included.

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Your idea remind me about my cousin; she went to New Zealand 2 year ago and stayed with the New Zealand family there.Finally, they couldn't get along.

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